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X12 3 years ago
Stupid senario ...couldn't you think of something more realistic? Fuck you!
Gaston Gatuso 3 years ago
Deep Lore
3 years ago
Fuck these stuck under a table, under a bed shit.

These videos just make me irrationally angry, better to have no storyline at all.
Stinkman 3 years ago
I like that she checked her watch and she’s not wearing one
420 3 years ago
They always get stuck in the dumbest places
Emmy Awards 3 years ago
Looks at her watch...wait wut?
I need Fuck you pussy 3 years ago
Very Fucking in Very Fucking Stupid !!!
Bob son 3 years ago
Damn I hate when this happens :(
3 years ago
Worst video ever
Foggo 3 years ago
Seriously, what kind of idiotic scenario is this?