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1 year ago
7:50 bruh wtf bro
Sara 5 months ago
Skinny guys always got them long dicks! I haven't met a black man yet that had a small one! Once yu go black yu never go back!! Thats soo true
Sara 5 months ago
She was falling in love with his big ass dick.. he sexy 2 ! I'd let him fuck me in every position possible!! I'd cheat on my husband for him
1 year ago
Aqua-man has entered the chat
Andrea 1 year ago
Oh my I do love black cock every female in my family loves black men my daughters are like me never enough black men to go around I have always encouraged my daughters to cheat on their husbands it’s what all wives are supposed to be doing my black boyfriends when they come over they bring friends my life is so full of black friends my daughters are black cock crazy.
Paul 1 year ago
That big long black dick pushing chlorine water in and out of that pussy probably the best and cleanest douche she had in years. Nothing I like better than pumping a load of cum into a gal she pushing it out and the globs float in jacuzzi or pool.
Sara 5 months ago
Omg he sexy with a long ass black dick yu can tell the way she keep kissing him he making her fall in love!
She’s good 1 year ago
Beautiful break. Perfect curves.
Ishl 1 year ago
Jane 1 year ago
Good no condom are you watching Mia .